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Monday, February 20, 2017

Sleep Aid? Microlife Nutritionals Sleep Micromyst Dietary Supplement by Vasayo Delivers!

Vasayo, Microlife Nutritionals Sleep Micromyst Dietary Supplement - A Sleep Aid Breakthrough!  Kudos from someone who uses the product - me.  Part One

Vasayo Micromyst - For more info or to order CLICK HERE

Do you have trouble sleeping or trying to calm down before you go to sleep?  You are not alone.  Studies are showing that this is a common problem due to the additional stresses our society dishes out on all levels, whether it be a child in grade school who not only goes to school but has several outside activities to attend to during the week like sports or clubs, or an adult dealing with the stresses that every day life brings on.  What about melatonin?  Is the fact that scientists are saying that the sun is dimming is having an affect on our melatonin levels?  It's now so much harder to wind down before bedtime.  Oftentimes, if you are anything like me, your mind is racing while you think of everything you didn't get done during the day or that you are going to need to do for tomorrow that you should have done today. We've all been in that position.

I have a few good friends who, along with me, are into the study of genetically modified organisms aka GMO and what that means.  One of my good friends was told about a new line of dietary supplement products that were all non-gmo.  Not only that, he told me that the company was on the cutting edge of using a super effective technology that would allow more of the vitamins and minerals to get absorbed into your body, quickly and better then anything else on the market for their product line.

He shared the website link for VASAYO MICROLIFE and I was able to see for myself what these new products were and why they were so unique and important.  They all have formulas that can benefit so many.  I read all of the information over but focused on the one that would help me get a good night's sleep.  I found that all of their supplements are not only GMO free, but also have what the company is calling a "new proprietary delivery system."  Not being a scientist, I wanted to know exactly what that term meant. 

I looked at the various links on their website and saw a drop down menu for their products.  Then I saw a link that said "Videos" so I clicked on that link. There were several videos that introduced the company, the founders, Dallin and Karee Larsen and the product line.

I've included two of the short videos here describing the technology behind the gmo free sleep aid dietary supplement product and one on the liposome delivery system which is very important.  I'll let the videos explain because they will help you to understand why the sleep Micromyst and their other products are far superior to what you might be taking or are considering taking now.

Introducing Vasayo, Microlife Nutritionals Sleep Micromyst Dietary supplement.

Now that you know what the Vasayo sleep dietary supplement does, here is more information about why it is on the cutting edge of technology.  What is the liposome delivery system?  Short but good info from the guy who is behind all of the tech stuff, Dr Emek Blair.

Next post will be about the ingredients that are in the Vasayo Microlife Sleep Aid Dietary Supplement and comments from those who are actually using it. . . in addition to myself of course.

Here's the link if you just can't wait.  You can actually Order Here. 

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