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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Stroke Victim? Which Would You Choose? Drugs or Organic / Non-GMO Vitamins? Part One

Welcome to my very personal post.  This post will address the use of non-gmo vitamins that helped me in my recovery from what was considered to be a mild thalamus stroke in 2016.  I am getting more personal in this blog because I feel so passionately about sharing my experience and my outcomes because I believe it can potentially help others who may be dealing with any type of health issues.  At the same time, I am trying to help myself, both by sharing the information and by finding a new way to make a living that will work in conjunction with my post-stroke life and help relieve some of the stresses that may have contributed to the stroke in the first place.

I chose the topic of GMO free vitamins because of how important this information is.  I also use non-gmo vitamins and eat mainly non-gmo or gmo free organic foods.  I want to share that information with as many who are interested in a personal, casual form on this blog.  If you are looking for real life stories and experiences, this is where you will find them.  If you need straight facts and medical advice, you may need to be reading a website from a physician.  My goal is to inform and hopefully, entertain a bit in the process of revealing some helpful, gmo free vitamins, minerals and oils that will enhance your life, especially if you have had medical issues.

A brief history:  Due to numerous serious health issues, including acute intermittent porphyria (AIP) and sarcoidosis, I have always had to avoid drugs of all kinds, including some vitamins and many over the counter medicines that others take regularly.  There are even some foods that I have to stay away from because they can cause my AIP to act up or bring on a life-threatening attack.  As a result, I have already done a lot of research on using alternatives to drugs and over the counter drugs that are common for people to take every day.   

When researching alternatives for drugs, I started to find many articles on genetically modified foods and was horrified about what I found out.  I knew I would have to make it a priority to avoid those types of foods for sure.  Then, after my stroke, I started to wonder if the vitamins I had been regularly using were also genetically modified.  I had never even thought about that until my stroke because I didn't think of vitamins as being food.  That was just wrong thinking.  They are mainly ingested and what is in them definitely does matter.  Our food is made of vitamins and when our food is lacking, the vitamins become our main source of food in a sense.

I started researching all of the vitamins I was taking.  It was a good thing that I did because many of them would not meet the standards that I have today when choosing the right vitamins for the conditions I am trying to treat.  After doing more research, I am now aware of what vitamins are and why they also should be non-gmo or organic.  Anything that was ever going to go into my mouth had to be gmo-free or organic and non-gmo or I wasn't going to take it.  If I need something medically to save my life that is genetically modified and has no other alternative, of course I would have to consider that, but with anything that is in my immediate control, I can make a choice.

Please read part two for the continuing story on using organic or non-gmo vitamins after my stroke.  

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